Document Type : Research Paper



Background: The research is based on of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence according which we can adjust teaching methods and materials in harmony students kind and level of intelligence.Objectives:The present research was aimed to construct and standardize a questionnaire onGardner’s multiple intelligence.Methods: The sample group consisted of 811 under graduate students in different branches of Roudehen Islamic Azad University in the second semester of academic year 1389-90. The sample group was randomly selected via multistage stratified sampling. The instrument was constructed according to Gardner’s theory and research literature and same of the  available questionnaires. The reliability of the questionnaire was estimated using Cranbach Alpha coefficient, which range from 0.663 to 0.824 for different categories of questionnaires.The construct validity of the questionnaires was estimated using component principle analysis by varimax rotation.Results: The findings of research showed that 1) The questionnaires have a acceptable reliability and construct validity. 2) Independent groups t test showed that there was no significant difference between boys and girls except for bodily – kinesthetic intelligence. 3) Table of norms was computed for different test questionnaires based on deviate IQ (M=100,sd=15) for girls and boys.Conclusion: This instrument could be used for recognition of students intelligence and can be viewed as prelimitary step for future educational planninig and decision making for education.