Document Type : Research Paper


Corresponding Author: MA in Educational Psychology


Background: Executive skills are high-level cognitive skills helping children with their daily activities and learning assignments. Objective: The present paper aims to study the validity and reliability of the Executive Skills Scale for pre-school children. Method: The study was a descriptive research. Using cluster sampling method, 250 subjects (including 150 female and 100 male subjects) were selected from among pre-school children in Isfahan, and their mothers responded to the Executive Skills Scale items. The validity of the scale was evaluated with content validity, item analysis (item–total correlations), and factor analysis. The reliability of the mentioned questionnaire was studied through Cronbach’s alpha and split–half reliability. Results: The results showed that item-total correlation coefficients were significant in all cases, varying from 0.21 to 0.81. (P=0.0001). Moreover, using Cronbach’s alpha, the reliability of the whole scale was calculated as 0.75. Also, the split-half reliability was computed to be 0.80. Conclusion: The results indicated that the Executive Skills Scale is of acceptable psychometric properties to be used for the Iranian pre-school children.