An Investigation of the Quality of e-learning Courses Based on e-learning Standards in the field of Information Technology Engineering in Khajeh Nasir al- Din Toosi University of Technology

Document Type : Research Paper



Background: By the increasing growth of e-learning courses, the organizations and e-learners are concerned with the quality of aforementioned courses. They are, therefore, seeking to evaluate the different aspects of their courses based on the electronic learning standards. Objectives:The purpose of this research was to investigate the quality of e‌learning courses based on e-learning standards in the field of information technology engineering in KhajehNasir al-Din Toosi University of Technology. Methods: Accordingly interaction, instructional design, feedback, content, accessibility and multimedia learning management system were analyzed. The validity of this list was confirmed by the evaluation of the field experts and its reliability,based on Cronbach's alpha, was 0/87. Results: The results showed that the quality of e-learning courses based on e-learning standards in the field of IT in KhajehNasir al-Din Toosi University of Technology is relatively acceptable and the results of T-test were significant. Conclusion: The outcome of this investigation provides useful data for the design and the production of the content, instructional and learning strategies and the decision-making of the organizations and learners.