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The current investigation has been done for the purpose of the standardization of the social problem solving inventory (SPSI ) amongst students of the faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences of Tabatabaey university in 1387-88. For this purpose, a sample of 200 students consisting 154 females and 46 males was selected based on categorical sampling, and the students were tested according to the social problem solving inventory ( SPSI) and social adjustment micro-scale of the adjustment questionnaire. Results showed that considering the Alfa value ( 0.85 )of the five factors measured, and the reliability value ( R = 0.88 ), the SPSI enjoys an acceptable rate of reliability. What’s more, the study of the factorial structure signifies the presence of 5 factors including ( APS ), ( RPS ), ( ICPS ), ( PPO ) and ( NPO ). Moreover the exploratory study of the relationship between the variables of the investigation showed that social problem solving ability would explain significantly social adjustment (R=0.304). In general, the results found in regards to the managing structure of the SPSI and the relation between the variables of the investigation, proved consistent with the precedent studies.



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