Document Type : Research Paper


: Assistant Professor, Payame Noor University of Ahvaz


Background: ‘Mobile phone addiction’ is considered as a compulsive and addictive disorder in the 21st century, and excessive usage of mobile phone can lead to addiction. Objectives: The present research aims to study construction and psychometric properties of the Mobile Phone Addiction Questionnaire Method: Using the multi-stage random sampling method, 200 subjects (including100 males and 100 females) were selected from among the 3rd-grade high school students in District 1 of Ahwaz city. Results: The results of the factor analysis showed that the Mobile Phone Addiction Questionnaire consisted of 13 questions as well as the three subscales of creativity loss, tendency, and loneliness, and that its reliability and validity enjoy a good fitness. Confirmatory factor structure also confirmed the suggested three-factor model of the Questionnaire. Conclusion:The mentioned questionnaire can be used for diagnosis of mobile phone addiction and performing the related studies.